Sunday, July 10, 2011

14-15 Years Old

Boy, what a difference 8th grade has been.  Leo seems less hormonal, and more balanced in general.  Seems to fit into his skin.  Knows who he is.  His first time back at the same school in 3 years.  5th grade was a brand new elementary school when we moved here.  6th grade was a 6th grade only campus.  7th grade and 8th grade all together.  He is even looking forward to the impossibly gigantic high school.  Nope, not overwhelmed or nervous about it at all.  In fact, he returned with the new opinion his middle school sucks, a dump.  I say hurray!

Leo has widened his social circle a little this year.  He hangs out more with a mixed crowd of girls and boys.  He seems less particular with the boys he knows, makes plans with the less preferred groups of kids.  He has about 3 groups this year- but no longer focuses on his first choice.  Nice!  He continues to hang out with his youth group, something that makes me misty eyed each time I see them together.

He continues to become more independent and there is just less I need to do for him.  He loves that I make a "gourmet" breakfast for him, and that is our joke - me trying to see if my breakfast presentation has passed as "gourmet" or not.  We crack up over the misuse of gourmet, which started when we talked about it at Panda Express.   He loves 2 eggs, garnished, with a side of fruit NOT TOUCHING of course, and a small carb such as a fresh baked muffin "without healthy additions such as fruit".  He is very funny.

Ah...dinner time.  Will write more later.

AUGUST 1, 2014

Freshman - I have a High Schooler!!!!

Since I didn't keep up with my journaling here, I have to catch up……love summer!  Appreciating and grateful one of the last few summers we have left with Leo home.  Then he will be off doing college things or have a job.  

So Leo is a freshman in HS.  How incredible is that?  How can that be?  Open house was very sobering - all these "older looking" been there/done that parents walking around not wanting to be there.  lol  I am pleasantly surprised by the high it all the conditioning I have dealt with?  I hope I am right.  He has blossomed, giddy with the freedom of open campus and downtown lunch freedom, using his phone any time he wants, acting like a little adult.  They run the campus sort of like college in my opinion.  Anyway, it works for him!

I was concerned about all this freedom, but he was able to do it!  Self-monitored his way through the year.  We all learned a lot.  He easily made good grades, until he started slacking off during spring baseball.  We had to step in and help him out with time management - taking it to the next level, including using his phone for lists and notification reminders for things.  

Leo had to work really hard in English this year - very abstract stuff, poetry, Shakespeare, and lots of inference. He did great, and utilized his teacher office hours for help with essays.  It was not fun for him, but great.  And…he was very proud of himself that he got a high B in that class, one that was really hard for him. 

Leo had a very social year - he met even more people through baseball (we had played club baseball up until then).  And lots of girls, even taking one "friend" that was a girl (haha) to the Winter Formal!  Amazing!  

He has grown into such a wonderful person.  Such integrity.  He is helpful, and sticks up for me when his sister (13, need I say more) is giving me a run for my money.  He loves his school, and loves all the school spirit, such as the rallys before games.  

We have learned on the fly for newer boundaries for him being downtown at night, taking public transportation, etc.  Been quite an adventure, and hey a big shout out to the Find My Phone app:)

He is curious about life, loves to travel and explore our city.  He continues to love food and enjoys cooking and going to the food carts.  He seems to order the most expensive meal whenever we eat out. haha

Turns out, he has an affinity for language. He is in his 3rd year of Spanish, and his teacher thinks he is a natural.  Leo is thinking about majoring in languages so he can travel!  We shall see….

Leo tried a couple new things this year, with very little anxiety - golf and wake boarding.  He didn't get up on the wake board, but attempted about 10 times.  We were all so proud of his perseverance!!  

Leo is enjoying summer - he played summer baseball, and loved playing for his high school. When he wasn't playing, he was in the dugout talking to friends.  He loves walking to the local diner for burgers with friends, and playing basketball at the elementary school. 

He's being nicer to his sister - seems summer is when their schedule match up and they can reconnect.  Wish we had more of that during the school year.  My daughter has one more year of middle school, then they will be at the same school for 2 years.  

Currently, Leo is at the public recreation center, swimming and playing basketball with friends.  So grateful he is doing things he wants to do that make him happy.