Tuesday, February 7, 2012

13 To 14

This feels really nice, blogging again!  It's been such a long time since Facebook has taken over the top destination for wasting time in my life.  I've kept up on Leo's timeline, although I do owe a 7th grade update.

Here is snapshot of what Leo is like lately:  Yesterday I was too sick to do my morning routine, so I asked Leo to get himself ready for school and walk to the bus (usual) without me so I could sleep in.  Sydney was sick too.  I came downstairs later today to find evidence of scrambled eggs for breakfast (he even soaked the pan),  leftover chinese food for lunch (rice on counter), and he even remembered to lock up.  He also let the dogs out and fed them.

After school, he texted me on the bus to tell me he's going to a friend's since it was so nice out.  No need to stress about a snack, his body is no longer hypoglycemic.  Even though it's been years, I don't forget that my life once was ruled by many things including the food clock.  He came home later and reported (after much encouragement since he doesn't like to talk much these days) that they played basketball in the street, then browsed for inappropriate rap music on ITunes.  They have block class together, so they actually did a little homework.

He is making almost straight A's, and is friends with a wide variety of boys - he is social accepted by the cool kids/jocks as well as the band kids and nerd/math kids.  He is definitely full-swing into puberty. I see that brain fog every so often.  He pushes back, sometimes lazy, and avoids talking to us about his personal life.  He confides in Sydney, his younger sister.

Leo continues to talk to his BFF back in Connecticut about once a week by Skype or through their phones.  It is so wonderful to have this boy in Leo's life.

Dad has been busy at work, so Leo has taken over some of Dad's household chores - even doing all of the recycling and garbage without being asked on garbage day (yesterday).  He is a good boy and very considerate and thoughtful!  I am so inspired by him.

I know this may be normal for most 13 year olds, but for me this is a miracle from where we started.

Me? I am into my fourth year of managing Sydney's Chronic Lyme Disease.  She was a very very sick little girl, but today she is back and doing really well.  She is in school full-time and dancing about 8 hours a week!

I've been feeling old lately, and wishing I could just turn off a switch so I don't see what I see day after day.  Any Veteran mom may feel the same way?  Don't want to see what I see anymore.  Will post on this later!

Hoping to get back to my homeopathy studies while maintaining my websites and book.  Need to figure that one out.  Hoping to be a two income family once again!  Fingers crossed Sydney stays stable as we approach middle school in the fall.

Not sure if anyone is reading this?

In health and hope, Ashley