Sunday, April 1, 2007

12 to 13 Years Old

Boy has time flown by. Here we are sitting in 2011! I know, my blog has a different date. I manipulate the date so I can put posts in a certain order.

I have been in the "autism business" for 10 years now since Leo was formally diagnosed by Yale when he was 24 months old. Well, technically the autism is gone but we are still doing the "chronic illness business" with his manageable regiment and my daughter's huge and complicated one!

Leo has made some really good friends so far in 6th grade, his first year of middle school. Last night, he happily played his sax during the winter band concert. So cute! He and the 2 other boys that play sax "owned" it last night. Memories of hypotonia in his mouth muscles that compounded his early speech delay flittered quickly into my mind as he blew on his instrument with such joy. How could it be the same boy?

Leo earned all A's at this point except for a B in science. He is doing very well managing his schedule and his life to and from classes, from baseball and religious school.

Leo has been very happy lately, I can see he is content with his life and confident in what he can do. He is also very proud of his accomplishments.

Healthwise he's been doing great. His current regiment for Lyme disease really seems to be the ticket for him - his tics remain absent, and his once-in-a-while headache or fatigue has greatly reduced to a couple days per month. He is eating like a horse these days and also sleeping in more, my guess that puberty is ramping up. Yikes!

A great way to start the new year that is for sure. I hope everyone out there is having a good one so far. That is, if anyone is "listening!" Say hi, would love to hear from old friends or new ones. haha Ashley